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Body polishing is the technique of removing dead cells and dirt from the upper layer of the epidermis to reveal healthy and beautiful skin. By the use of body polishers, the skin is gently exfoliated in order to get a smooth and glowing skin.

Strawberry Body Polisher

This is one of the best body polishers available in the Indian market. It contains real strawberry extracts and has a sweet strawberry fragrance. It gently exfoliates the skin and buffs off the dead cells to reveal healthy and smooth skin. Apply on damp skin and scrub gently in circular motions, then rinse off.

Herbals Skin Polishing Scrub

This is an herbal skin and body polisher which contains natural extracts, herbs, nuts and pulses. They are combined to re-oxygenate and nourish the skin. It improves the circulation of blood, and improves the skin tone. It exfoliates the skin well without stripping away the natural moisture content. This scrub is ideal for dry skin.