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When talent meets technique, when expertise meets the right products,when standards meet those of international, when the only motto is to make you looking ravishing, what you get is the number one beauty salon in God's own country , AppleBudz Beauty Salon & Spa.
For us at AppleBudz, every person who walks into our salon is extra special, and this is why we give you that extra special care that you always deserved. We know that each person's beauty needs are unique and have our experts customize each service just for you. We believe that even the minutest of change has a huge impact on a person's beauty and takes the best care to provide the right service for you. We believe that every lady is a hidden diva and the right hands can showcase that diva to the world, and that is exactly what we do at AppleBudz. Be prepared to be the head-turner, while you glow with an aura of elegance and self-esteem, showing the rest of world what every lady should be, the best version of herself.